Fire Safety System Impairment

All work on a fire safety system shall, when possible, be continuous until the system is returned to operational status. In that respect, the impairment producer/requestor shall obtain a copy and review of the "Fire and Life Safety System Impairment Guide" and contact EH&S at 713-500-8100, with any questions. It is important that the impairment producer/requestor understand these guidelines.

The goal of The University of Texas, Health Science Center at Houston (UTHSC) is to return the fire safety systems to normal operation as quickly as possible. The UTHSC may exercise discretion, at any time, to minimize the fire hazard to building occupants and UT property.

The Fire Safety System Impairment Application, is not an acceptable substitute for a Utility Shutdown Request Form, Hot Work Permit, notifying UT Police or Facilities Planning and Engineering (FIXIT) at 713-500-3498.

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